Benn Allsop

Benn Allsop, Australian pop singer/songwriter and actor. The man who touched the heart of Hollywood’s A-lister Ashton Kutcher with his emotionally fuelled pop ballad ‘Thank You’ (Abbie’s Song). Kutcher shared ‘Thank You’ with over 17 million of his followers in 2015, which sent Australian news and international social media into a frenzy.

Benn was born in Gosford; NSW, raised in the Hunter Valley and currently resides in the beach side city of Newcastle, NSW. He studied acting, singing and dance at the Regional Institute of Performing Arts and featured in various musical theatre productions and acting roles in film and television. In 2011 Benn was globally selected to travel to Las Vegas to host a series of commercials and reality segments for the US feature film Idancemachine.

“He is earning his reputation for creating his emotionally driven ‘positive pop vibes’ and making his mark in the industry” said Dan Beazley of Newcastle LIVE “I like his music for the same reason I like John Farnham and Katy Perry, because it makes me feel good” he quoted.

Benn is currently working on his debut album, which will feature 'Thank You' and will be one to definitely to listen out for. "I am both nervous and excited for the release of my first album, but I'm truly looking forward to what lies ahead" said Benn.






Benn Allsop




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